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October 04, 2010


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AndreAnna (Primal Matriarch)

Here's the thing: I didn't even know I COULD run until after a few months of Crossfit, I tried it and I could.

I went from not being able to run down the block to running two miles with NO RUNNING TRAINING at all.

All from weight lifting and all other Crossfit-like hell. LOL.

My point is this: As long as your heartrate is up and you're sweating and breating a bit heavy during your weight-training workouts, and you have no goals of becoming an endurance athlete and run marathons for fun, stick with what's working.

I tried C25K before and failed at it. But I lifted weights for 4 months and ran two miles without even trying. CRAZY.

You know yourself. Rock it.


Thanks AndreAnna. I guess I just needed someone else to confirm what I really already knew myself.

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