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August 17, 2010


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You can do it!! Let's get it done in 2010.

AndreAnna (Primal Matriarch)

Ok, here's the deal. Tell those people that tell you to shoot for bigger goals to go eat a celery stick and shut their hole. You KNOW where you want to be and being happy where you want to be is what matters.

That being said, we can totally do this!! YOU CAN. I know you can.

Also, I'm about to give you a little advice. You can take it, leave it, google it for yourself, whichever you want. STOP RUNNING SO MUCH.

Seriously, between being worried and stressed about the scale and falling into he "chronic cardio" mentality, you are probably fighting with your body rather than working with it for your goals.

Do Tabata sprints a few days a week, walk briskly or even moderately a few days a week, but focus more on building lean muscle all over your body rather than running.

Here's a good link explaining what I think I am failing at articulating properly: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/chronic-cardio/


AndreAnna, this is good advice and I will certainly take it to heart. I want to do this 10k in October to prove to myself that I CAN do it (it's a mental thing for me), but maybe I will focus more on "walking" it and incorporate some of those Tabata sprints into my routine too. I am ALWAYS open to solid advice. And the recommendation of a celery stick beating :).

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