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I am a 30 something Mama, wife, working woman, and master of many trades. Don't ask me about my graduate thesis, it is currently the bain of my existence. My family and I live south of Annapolis, Maryland, with our three wild and demented dogs. It's hard to believe that I became a mother in March, 2009, but I am learning the ropes and how to balance parenthood with the rest of life.

I used to blog on a daily basis on a personal blog called Un Sogno Bello (luciddream.typepadcom), but that site bit me in the butt too many times by people who used their powers for evil and not good. So I took a break from blogging for awhile. But now I'm back, with a re-invented blog, trying to enjoy this crazy life, one healthy day at a time.


California, Sushi, Parenting, Cosmopolitans, Reality T.V., BMA, Creative Alliance, Flip Flops, the Beach, Music, Theater, Acting, poetry, writing, reading, walking, cooking, the Food Network,